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Home network setup (NAS, etc)



Recently, I set up my home network for digital content sharing. I will take some notes here for future reference.



  • Router and NAS setup are pretty straightforward.
  • Link aggregation
    • Needs to configure this on both router and NAS.
    • Synology doc
  • Time machine backup for macOS
  • The default file transfer protocol between macOS and NAS is SMB. Here are some tips to optimize it.
  • UPS: just connect then enable it in Hardware settings.

Synology NAS

  • I tried to manually configure DNS server to in Control Panel -> Network for external access. But this setting seemed to cause some interruptions for DSM connection. Also, transmission jobs experienced frequent 0-speed time. It may not be a good idea.
  • Move installed packages between volume: unofficial tricks.


I found the official Download station package in DSM is not quite optimized for BT downloading. Transmission is a better choice. Here are steps to install and setup in Synology DSM.

  1. Add “synocommunity” in Package Center -> Settings -> Package Sources.
  2. Set Trust Level to “Synology Inc. and trusted publishers” in Package Center -> Settings -> General.
  3. Install “Transmission” in Package Center -> Community.
  4. Create folders to be used.
    • “download” for completed downloads.
    • “watch”: Transmission will start a download task automatically once a torrent file is added here.
    • “incomplete” for downloading files.
  5. Start the installation in Package Center; fill in all the folder information and credentials.
  6. Set up Read/Write permission for Group “sc-download” for those folders in Control Panel -> Group -> sc-download -> edit -> Permissions.
  7. All done! View the web UI at http://your_nas_ip:9091
    • The package can be started or stopped in the Package Center.
    • Available GUI: transgui.

Kodi & Emby

  • Use Kodi native play mode instead of add-on mode:
    • Set up optional shared network folder in emby.
      • e.g., map volume1/video to smb://ds918/video thus network devices can recognize the path.
    • Input your credentials at kodi: File manager -> Add source -> Add a network location.
    • Change the emby settings in kodi.
      • Need to turn off forced HTTP playback as well.
  • Cannot import external subtitles
    • Make sure the subtitle file has the same name as the video file.
  • Garbled Chinese subtitles
    • Settings -> Player -> Language -> Subtitles: Change the language, font and the Character set.
  • Download subtitles automatically
    • Settings -> Player -> Language -> Download services: Use for both default services. Input your credentials for it.
  • If weird things happened (e.g., no playback), you may wanna reset local database.
  • M is the shortcut for subtitle menu, etc.

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